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Ep. 35 – Steve Gillespie – Texas Hold ‘Em

Noah and Aaron are back with another exciting episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast! Our special guest this time around is none other than the devilishly handsome and angelically smart, Steve Gillespie. In addition to being heralded as one of earth’s greatest creations, Steve is well-versed in all things Texas hold ’em, a card game that ESPN deemed, “Our last ditch effort to gain viewers.” If you’re not familiar with the game of Texas hold...

Ep. 34 – David Rodriguez – Fatherhood

Holy Smokes are we excited about this episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast! Generally speaking, Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest is recorded in the charmingly dismal basement of the Mutiny Information Cafe in sweet Denver, CO. However, thanks to the efforts of Wally Wallace (formerly of Sexpot) and his team of ass-bustin’ ass-busters, this episode was recorded at the first Southwest Chief Bicycle and Comedy Festival in Trinidad, Colorado! If it sounds...

Ep. 33 – Georgia Comstock – Murderers

Driven by the fear of becoming a victim of murder crime, Georgia has spent the better part of her adulthood consuming information on serial killers and murderers. She shares some of her thoughts and expertise about the killers that give her the biggest creeps on this episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast.

Ep. 32 Brandt Tobler – Money Runner

In this episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast, our guest, comedian and author, Brandt Tobler, tells of how he ended up changing careers from Treasure Island pirate to Money Runner for some of the top sports betters in the US.